External Fundings

Present Fundings

Deutsche Krebshilfe eV

Targeting high numbers of long-lived Natural Killer cells with high effector function to Malignant Melanoma

Deutsche Krebshilfe eV

Generation of human CD8+ T lymphocytes with co-expression of antigen-specific T cell receptors and activating NK cell receptors for immunotherapy of cancer

Deutsche José Carreras Leukämie Stiftung eV

Activation of Natural Killer cells by NKp30/B7-H6 in haematological neoplasia

Former Fundings

Marie Curie Excellence grant

The project "Innate immune pathways in mammalian cells” was funded by a Marie Curie Excellence grant from the European Union Sixth Framework Programme.

Deutsche Jose Carreras Leukämie Stiftung e.V.

The project: “Inhibition of NK cells during Leukemia” was funded by the “Deutsche Jose Carreras Leukämie Stiftung e.V.”

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